When it comes to garage doors, it is imperative that any recklessness on its behalf can prove to be detrimental in the future. Because your garage door is the load-bearing entity in your house, it’s maintenance is crucial to ensure proper functionality. 

With that being said, a thorough review of your garage door now and then can save you a lot of hassle in the future, not to forget the liability of a complete replacement if necessary. 

Here’s how you can stay on top of your garage door maintenance: 


It is recommended that you first observe if your garage door maintains its balance or not. To check, follow these steps: 

  • Close the door 
  • Allow for manual release 
  • Try and lift the door at least 3 feet above the ground. If it maintains its position, your door is properly balanced. If not, you should consult a professional.


With every kind of machinery, lubricating its functional parts is necessary. And when it comes to garage doors, it’s usually the springs, rollers, and bearings that need greasing. For starters, you can put one drop of engine oil on the roller, which will, in turn, pull it towards the bearings. Then, mildly brush the springs and hinges with the lubricant, so they don’t get stuck. 


The next thing you should do is monitor the springs, tracks, and other parts of the garage door for any malfunction or wear. With garage door springs, it’s not usually easy to predict how long they are going to last, but if they are in a good working condition, then lifting your garage door will be a breeze. But it’s important to stay on top of its maintenance because springs usually crumble under tension and can prove to be fatal if ignored for long. In that case, it is advised to seek professional help. 

The second thing to monitor is the tracks for any dust or rubble that might have gotten trapped in between. Also, check if they are well aligned or not, and in case of any discrepancy, it is advised to unscrew the bolts, align, and then screw them back again. If this sounds tricky, it’s better to call in a professional.

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Another thing you need to be aware of is the sensitivity of your garage door. To assess that, place a block of 4×4 wood beneath the door and alert the door for closure. If the door retrieves after contact, it’s force is appropriate. If not, then it’s prone to malfunction, and hence professional help is necessary.  Also, look over the parts generally for any dust or debris that might have been trapped inside it. 

Trust a local Garage Door Maintenance Company

In short, when you’re a homeowner, maintenance is a must. Some regular checks here and there can ensure the longevity of your home devices as well as saving up on those repair costs. Working with a local garage door repair company will make this job even easier!