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We all take for granted the convenience that having a functioning garage door gives us until they stop working. It can be very frustrating to have such a big part of your home not working. Garage door repair is best left to professionals because it can be dangerous.

When our team comes to your home we start by diagnosing the issue and discussing the fixes with you. We look at the garage door system as a whole – including the mechanical and electrical components. We like to make sure all our customers feel like they understand what broke, if there is a reason why it broke and how we will fix it. We discuss any options you have with your repair and any other recommended repairs. We will then service the garage door operator to ensure the limits and tensions are all properly set.

Our team is trained and equipped to handle garage door opener repairs, spring replacements, panel replacements, hinge replacements and roller replacements. We can also handle any installation or service project.

Rich C.

A-Max Employee Spotlight

Rich is one the business owners for A-Max Garage Door & his specialties are keeping everyone organized.

“A broken garage door can be worrying. Getting a garage door repaired on time & on budget depends on having a good office staff person. Rich knows how to effectively keep everyone on track and with good service to the A-Max Garage Door repair customers.”

Frequently Asked Questions

There are so many things that can cause a garage door to not function well. Most of these things I would suggest getting a professional to work on. The risk of personal injury is extremely high when working on a garage door.

Most of the time replacing just one section of a garage door is pricey. It is less expensive than replacing your entire door, but not by much, I would recommend replacing your entire door. The reason is, that when we purchase doors they come as a complete door assembly, and when we have to order a single section the cost is higher from the manufacturer. 

Once a garage door spring is broken you have to replace your spring. If you have a double spring set up for your door we will replace both springs at that time. This will save you from the cost of another service call, and if your springs are the same age the other spring isn’t too far away from failing too.

Yes! We can make your door operate quieter. There are many different reasons that a garage door might make noise. These noises can be caused by the type of door you have, the hinges needing lube, the opener not operating correctly, your doors rollers being worn, or a combination of these.

Yes! Most of the time a door will be noisy or operate rough because things are not tracking correctly, or your opener is struggling to open your door, or your spring might be broken. All these things can be fixed or replaced. I would recommend having one of our technicians come out and service your door as soon as possible to ensure that your door is not damaged from faulty operation.

Of course! Our company is also registered with the state.

Garage Door Repair Testimonials

My garage door needed to have the cord cable reattached. A-Max Garage Door was able to help me with my garage door repair and did it for an affordable price!

Miranda Jones

OUr gargae door apparently needed a new door opener (the main machine). A-Max was able to install a new one and repair the door to full working order. The tech was very nice and helpful.

Ty Alexander

Well, I got to say, Greg did an amazing job on our garage door panel repair. The new panel looks great.

Leah Morris

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