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We are a one stop shop for everything garage door. We offer full service garage door maintenance including tune ups, installation, repairs and any other issues you may need. We maintain our cars regularly to keep them functioning but generally homeowners don’t think about the need to maintain their garage doors. If you want to keep your garage door to operate smoothly it will need some attention periodically.

Garage door maintenance keeps your doors functioning well but also keeps it functioning safely. Garage doors are incredibly heavy and can cause a lot of damage if they fall unexpectedly. These are the biggest opening into your property and can cause a lot of issues if they stop working.

When we perform maintenance on your garage door it covers and inspection and adjustment of the spring tension, cables, bearings and any other hardware. We also adjust and inspect the fasteners, brackets, rollers, tracks and hinges. The moving parts are all lubricated, the operator is inspected to ensure proper function including limit switch adjustments and tension adjustments. At the end of our appointment we will make any safety and repair recommendations to ensure your door continues to function properly.

By properly maintaining your garage door you help to extend its life and prevent future repairs.

Shelly J.

A-Max Employee Spotlight

Shelly is the marketing & daily operations manager.

“Shelly has been in construction industries all her life as a manager. As a manager of a garage door business she helps Rich keep everything organized and on time. As the premier garage door company, we need to keep everything in order to make our customers garage door experiences the best they can be.”

What We Do

Regular garage door tune-ups keep your garage door working as designed! A-Max Garage Door offers services to keep your doors working right, year in and year out.

Frequently Asked Questions

It just depends on the job. It could be anywhere from $99 and up. Our technician makes sure you know the cost BEFORE the work starts!

Like with anything that we own, when we take care of it, it will naturally last longer. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. When you keep your garage door well maintained it can last as long as your home is around. One thing that will happen from time to time is your garage door spring will break. This happens normally but regular maintenance could help the spring last a little longer.

There are some things that you can do yourself. Like using a teflon/silicone based lube spray to lubricate the doors hinges and rollers. You can also spray the spring lightly and the opener rail. Things I recommend you not attempting, are balancing the door and adjusting the spring tension. These services are dangerous and can cause harm or death. Only a trained technician should adjust these.

If you are not going to be home for the service, the A-Max Garage Door technician will need access inside your garage door. Please make sure they can also get to the opener. Payment arrangements need to be made before the service can be performed as well.

A basic tune-up will take about 30 min. This way your A-Max Garage Door technician can check everything that might also be a future problem. They can also give you a rundown of things to watch for in the near future. That way you won’t be surprised if something happens that you were not expecting.

Garage Door Maintenance Testimonials

We usually get our garage door maintenance every yea or 2 and A-Max Garage Door always does it for me. My garage door is going on for 10 years – zero issues!

Ryan Jones

Our garage door was squeaking. A-Max was able to get the noise gone and the garage works better than ever. Thanks Rich for the help through our issue.

Jeff Larson

Greg always does our maintenance and he does a great job on it. We are so happy with how our garage door functions day in and day out!

Kate Winston

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