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If you need a garage door installed in the we have a team ready to assist you. We install new garage doors, remove old garage doors, and install new garage door operators. Our crews are trained in many different brands and can handle any project.

Garage doors are a big part of your home and can have a big impact on the appearance of your home exterior. Replacing your garage door in the  can improve the appearance of your home and add some great curb appeal.

Of all the moving objects in your home the garage door is the heaviest. It is exposed to a variety of temperatures and conditions which can affect its operation. Replacing your garage door can be about more than just appearance and can be necessary for proper operation and safety.

If opening and closing your garage door has become an issue you may want to consider a new garage door operator. Installing a new garage door opener can add more use to your garage door and many of the new openers offer Bluetooth connectivity and other convenient features.

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Frequently Asked Questions

There are many kinds of doors that are available. Depending on your budget and the home owners needs will determine the kind of door that is needed. We can have an A-Max Garage Door technician come to your home to go over your options and discuss cost.

When we install a new garage door you will get a new door, we will replace your spring bar and spring, your tracks, and all your hardware. This way we can give you our A-Max Garage Door Guarantee, that the door will operate and function for years to come.

The general answer is yes, your current opener should work with a new door. One thing we don’t know is how old the opener is, and if it is operating the way it is supposed to. Unfortunately we can not guarantee what we did not install.

There are a lot of variables that go into this. If we are just replacing your door, and leaving your opener, the installation will take about 2-2.5 hours. If we are replacing your opener you can add about an hour more for the installation time, taking about 3-3.5 hours.

Because A-Max Garage Door is fully licensed and insured it is not required to be home for the installation. However, we will need access to the inside of the garage and we prefer not to work in the dark. So a light in the garage needs to be accessible. We will also need a way to collect payment when the job is finished.

Yes! Please clean your garage before the A-Max Garage Door technician arrives. The area that needs to be cleared is from the door all the way back to the opener. If this is not done prior to the technician arriving they may need to reschedule your door installation. This may come at a trip cost to cover our technicians time and fuel cost for the trip. So please have the garage clean before they get there.

Garage Door Installation Testimonials

My Door was not going down and I was worried to put it down manually. I called A-Max Garage Door and they were able to help me almost immediately. Thanks so much guys.

Christine Hanks

My new garage door was installed by A-Max Garage Door Company. The install went great and the door looks awesome.

Jenny Simon

If you need a new garage door, call A-Max Garage Door. They were able to give me a great price and the installation looks and works great.

Walt Smith

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