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If you live in Caldwell and need your garage door repaired we are your team. We forget how much a garage door does for us until it stops working. If your garage door has stopped working and you are ready to have it repaired we are available generally the same day. It is never advised that you work on a garage door yourself without the proper training and tools. Garage doors can be very dangerous when they are broken and it is not worth the risk to your own safety and to the safety of your family to fix the door yourself.

When you call our friendly team we will set an appointment for one of your highly trained technicians to come out and inspect your garage door. During our inspection the technician will not only look for what is broken on your door but the cause of the damage. If the damage was caused by other faulty equipment or settings that are not ideal for your system we will add this to your estimate. We want to repair your door for the lowest cost but also want to help prevent future service calls. Every garage door repair service we provide includes a full system tune up to ensure your garage door operator has the proper limits and tensions set.

We work on all brands of garage door operators as well as all types of garage door panels. Our team can repair slipped garage doors, replace broken springs and repair any other damage. We strive to provide a service that our customers feel satisfied with at a price that is fair and reasonable.

What Garage Door Repairs We Do

A-Max Garage Door Company is a full service for garage door repairs in Caldwell, Idaho.

Frequently Asked Questions

Garage doors can be dangerous, what might seem like a simple fix can cause serious harm. Garage doors have lots of tension in the springs and weight on the cables. We suggest when you need a garage door repair to call a professional.

Company do sell sections/panels of garage doors. The problem is getting just a panel or section of a door can be very costly. Our company will let you know if it is cheaper to get a new door or have your garage door repaired.

When springs break, they are done. It is ideal to replace both springs if your garage door is a dual spring setup. If you do not replace both at the same time one spring will be new and the other will not be matched to the new spring.

Of course, a garage door should never be so loud you notice it! A common issue is that the hinges  need lubing, the door not tracking right or the opener is needing maintenance/repair.

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Every place we work in we have the required insurances!

Caldwell Garage Door Repair Clients

Our new Home had a garage door issue that we needed repaired. A-Max Garage Door was able to quickly get it resolved, even better for a great price!

Brittany Jones

The wheels on our door had popped off the track. We are glad we called A-Max Garage Door – they quickly made the issue fixed. Thanks so much for coming out quickly.

Lizzy Hurt

Greg was able to come out and help diagnose our issue. Apparently the operator was not working right. With a little work he was able to get us back up and working.

Lewis Harvy

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