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When your Boise garage door stops working you may not know who to call. Our team is available quickly and can handle all sorts of garage door repairs within just a matter of hours. When your garage door breaks it can cause a lot of inconvenience so the sooner it is repaired the better. Garage doors may seem like a good option for a DIY project but it can be very dangerous and is not something to do without proper training.

Our team will come to your home and look over your garage door system entirely. We prefer to look at the entire system to see if we can find a possible cause of your issue to help prevent future breaks. We will then present the homeowner with the options for how to fix the garage door and any other repairs we recommend. We want you to have the whole picture so we will show you all of your options but there is no pressure to perform additional suggested services. We complete all of your garage door repairs by servicing the garage door operator to check limits and tensions.

We can handle any garage door repair ranging from hinge repair to garage door replacements and everything in between. Our team is trained in maintenance, repairs and installations.

What Garage Door Repairs We Do

A-Max Garage Door Company is a full service repair company. We offer all services needed for garage door repairs in Boise, Idaho.

Frequently Asked Questions

The question really is – what is actually wrong. Garage doors can be extremely dangerous. If the process for certain doors is not done correctly you can get hurt pretty easily. It is better to hire someone who knows what they are doing to not risk injury.

You can replace a section of a door, many companies sell the panels so you can have the door repaired. However, between labor of fixing and diagnosing the issue with the door and the actual panel – surprisingly it is usually cheaper to replace with a new door.

Unfortunately, when a spring breaks you have to have a new one installed. Springs come in pairs, so it is recommended you fix both at the same time as the one that is not yet broken will most likely be broken very soon.

Of Course! Usually, a general garage door maintenance/repair with some lubrication for a garage door will help the noise disappear. Generally it is a hinge or the track that is the culprit of the noises you are hearing.

Shaking from opening or closing is often a problem with the door and how it is tracking. This means how the rollers are sitting in your garage door’s track. It is recommended you call to have someone come out and look at your garage door and have it repaired. Not getting the garage door repaired in a timely manner can cause other issues.

Of course, each area we work in we are insured to what the state requires!

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Our garage door needed to be repaired and we called A-Max Garage Door of Boise. A-Max was able to help us get the issue resolved quickly.

Barbara Thomas

A-Max Garage Door of Boise came out quick, repaired the door and was affordable. I will be using them again in the future.

Greg Honer

My garage door was making an awful sound. I called A-Max Garage Door of Boise to repair it and they were able to get it sorted out for me. Thanks!!

Kate Lewis

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