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A-Max Garage Door Services the Boise area. Our company offers all garage door repair services & garage door installation you might need. A-Max Garage Door is a full service company that guarantees top quality repairs, services and tuning. All A-Max services are affordable and competitively priced among our competition. All our garage door crews are honest, easy to work with & on time.  Everyone’s goal a A-Max Garage door is to give each and every customer of ours 100% satisfaction service.

Garage door repairs can be done to fix your garage door to work perfectly. With A-Max Garage Door being a full service company you can be assured we only do the best of service in the Boise area. Besides installation & repairs we also do inspections/tune-ups on your garage door(s). A garage door tune-up allows you to know for a fact your garage door is running great and won’t break down.

A-Max Garage Door is the #1 rated garage door business in Boise and offers installation of new doors, repairs of older doors and maintenance/tune-ups.

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A-Max Garage Door offers an array of garage door services in Boise. If your door is having issues shutting, or you just want a whole new door, we are able to help you. Call us today for a free quote on your garage door services needed.

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