In today’s progressive world of DIY and self-help manuals, we are all tempted to experiment with our own hands and save up on a couple of those bucks. Especially when it comes to repairing something around the house, a few trusty tools, and a quick YouTube tutorial is all it takes to bask in the glory. 

But more often than not, quick fixes cause more mayhem than relief. And garage doors are not a far cry from this fact. There is a reason why it’s preferred to hire a professional garage door repair company to repair your door instead of doing it yourself. Here’s why: 

1. Garage doors are heavy

The average garage door weighs around 130lb (single door) and can go up to 400lb (double door). So, the odds of an uneventful injury in case of mishandling are quite high. There are multiple casualties reported each year as a result of the door falling on the person attempting to repair it.

2. There are technicalities involved

The counterweight system of a garage door functions in a manner which only a professional understands. The chances of breaking springs and cables are incredibly high; hence the fear of the unknown can serve as being potentially dangerous or even fatal for an inexperienced individual. 

3. Smart investments last a lifetime 

When you hire reputable professionals for repair, they are likely to use good quality parts, which last longer. Your repeated attempts of repair on trial and error basis ends up costing a lot more in the long run than the initial expenditure of employing a professional. 

4. Self-repair comes with a higher cost

When trying to rectify the functional error in garage doors, the chances are that you might not be able to fix it properly, and the repair might fail in the future. Sometimes, complete replacement of the door might become a necessity. In such cases, the cost is much higher than the initial fee of hiring a professional in the first place. 

5. Convenience and Reliability:

While the sweet victory that comes from accomplishing a task with your own hands is undeniably exhilarating, certain kinds of work go beyond our capabilities. Calling in an expert not only eases our mental fatigue but ensures reliability in terms of the quality and longevity of the object in question. 

6. Warranty:

When it comes to acquiring help from licensed service providers, they provide a warranty of the parts they are using for repair, which ensures that your garage door will function properly without any disruption. And in case of any shortcomings, they will replace it free of charge. 

Work with a local Garage Door Repair Company

To sum it all up, even if you feel that a certain repair is no big issue, we advise you to rethink it. You may have had success with fixing things in the past, but when it comes to complicated operating systems like garage doors, a single sub par repair can lead to greater damage in the future. So, while you wanted to cut down on the expenditure of calling in a professional, you might just end up with a lot more trouble on your hands.