With every homeowner, the inclination to fix things yourself is a given fact. Especially when it comes with the added incentive of saving a few bucks. Garage door openers are installed to enable you to control your garage door with the direct press of a button. It basically does all the heavy lifting for you. You can even schedule it’s opening and closing timings automatically. Sounds convenient, doesn’t it?  It is, but it doesn’t come without some required maintenance from time to time!

But with every move made easy, there are always limitations. When it comes to garage door openers, its faulty operation usually intimidates the owner towards replacement or repair. If your garage door does the following after you press its button, it signals towards a malfunction: 

  • Slow movement
  • Unnecessary noise or vibration
  • Sporadic opening 

Repair Points to Consider

Before jumping to conclusions, it’s always better to weigh out your options. When deciding between hiring a professional or doing it yourself, it’s imperative to oversee the following: 

  • Time Factor – When trying to install a garage door opener, time is of the essence. Normally it takes about 3-4 hours if you happen to do it yourself. But that too depends on the case. If you are replacing a single part, the present hardware can be reused. But if you are aiming for a completely new induction, there is added involvement of certain technicalities like finding the wall stud and wiring the entire system. Hence, if you are short of time or lack the necessary expertise, it’s advisable to call in a professional instead of experimenting yourself. 
  • Competence – Garage door openers require some basic set of tools and knowledge of electrical handling to repair it properly. These tools are usually found in your home kit. But in cases where you do not have the required equipment, or you do not feel confident in undertaking the entire repair, it is better to call in a professional. 
  • Assisted help – When handling garage doors, at least two people are required to manage the heavy lifting (~40lbs) of aligning and positioning the ceiling unit. If you do not have any extra help at home, it would not be favorable to attempt its repair single-handedly.
  • Door amendments- In some cases, your garage door might need some additional adjustments prior to the repair. Especially if it doesn’t open swiftly, it is implied that some further amendments are required which are separate from the door opener itself. Such technicalities are difficult to comprehend on your own as the garage door system is as complex as it gets. Hence, the fear of the unknown can prove to be disadvantageous if professional help is not called in. 

Final Thoughts on Repairing Your Own Garage Door Opener

It remains explicit that repairing a garage door opener is a task easily attainable by the average man. If you have the necessary experience and tools, it can be managed swiftly. But if you’re unsure of the particulars or do not have enough knowledge on the subject, it’s better to ask for help.