A garage door can come off its tracks and fall from its bearings because of several reasons. You must figure out these reasons and take advanced measures to deal with any potential problems beforehand. The technical know-how of the problem at hand can help you avoid it in the future by employing a befitting maintenance routine. 

Know that a garage door that has come off track is highly dangerous for you and your family. An average garage door weighs around 400 to 500 pounds that can make you lose a limb or two if it falls on your body. Your family’s health is in jeopardy if your garage door is off track therefore you must take precautionary measures to avoid any medical emergency. 

Why did it happen?

Following are the few reasons that can make your garage door come off track:

  • Accidental car hits

Almost all the drivers admit to hitting the door of their garage while leaving for work in their hurry. The morning rush makes people drive carelessly and without any fear of consequences. Amateur drivers knock the door sides while parking their vehicles as well, making car hits one of the most common reasons behind an off-track garage door. 

  • Coils or wires breakage 

This situation is common in old garage doors since rusted lifting cables are prone to breakage under heavyweight. Garage doors weigh in hundreds of pounds; therefore, lifting cables should be of sturdy and prime quality. Unnecessary weight on tracks can bend them and interfere with their standard pully mechanism or track alignment. 

  • Unaligned door tracks 

Improper installing and unaligned door tracks are the two reasons that make garage doors come off track. If the quality of your door’s material is low, then bent and unaligned tracks are bound to make your garage door go off track. Horizontal roads and vertical rails of your garage door should work in perfect harmony if you don’t want your garage door to go off track. 

How to fix it?

No matter the reason behind an off-track garage door, there is only one way to fix it:

  • Notice the problem:

The wheels or the rollers in your garage door are responsible for making it move up and down. If you see these wheels go off track because of whatever reason, then stop using the door immediately to avoid any accidents.  

  • Bring the wheels back in the track:

Use pliers at the bottom of each track to bring the off-track wheels back to their place. You’ll have to disconnect the door from its primary mechanism before attempting to fix the wheels’ position. 

  • Adjust the track

Once the wheels are back to their place, use a hammer to fix the bent track and cushion it with rubber if needed. Don’t forget to lock the pliers after finishing the fix-up, or the door won’t be operational.

Hire a Garage Door Expert

These are just general tips to help you try to fix your door DIY. Not all repairs will fall under this category! If you find it difficult to fix the off-track garage door then seek professional help; otherwise, a small problem like this can turn into something big because of your negligence. Need a local garage door company? Look to A-Max Garage Door for all your garage door needs!